Terms of Use

These Terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") set forth the Terms for the use of the "Syuki-Mori(Meaning: forest of handwritten notes)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Site").
Users of the Site (hereinafter referred to as "Users") may use the services within the scope of these Terms of Use.

Article 1 (Application)
1-1 These Terms of Use shall apply to all relationships that occur when the User uses the Site.

Article 2 (User Registration)
2-1 No user registration or login is required to use the Site.

Article 3 (Management of Personal Information)
3-1 As stated in Article 2, this site does not collect users' personal information, nor does it manage or use such information.
3-2 We record and store users' IP addresses in the following cases. (Individuals cannot be identified from IP addresses.)
 a) When a user posts a written or drawn image (hereinafter referred to as "Notes") to the Site
 b) When a user deletes his or her own posted Notes
 c) When you report to the WebMaster (hereinafter referred to as "WebMaster") inappropriate Notes of other users
 d)  When a user contacts the WebMaster via the "Contact" e-mail form.
3-3 The purpose of use of IP addresses obtained in the preceding paragraph is as follows.
 e)  For the WebMaster to impose posting restrictions on users who post malicious Notes
 f)   To submit the information when requested by a police station or a court of law
 g)  To increase the reliability that the person posting the journal and the person requesting deletion are one and the same when a request for deletion of a journal is received from the "Contact" page

Article 4 (Fees and Payment Methods)
4-1 Anyone can use this site free of charge.

Article 5 (Prohibited acts)
5-1 The following acts are prohibited on this site. Violations will result in writing restrictions and exclusion from the list of Notes and search results.
 a)  Slander
 b)  Unauthorized exposure of personal information
 c)  Murder threats and intimidation
 d)  Listing of irrelevant keywords
 e)  Serial mass posting of the same content or spam
 f)  Almost blank or meaningless posts
 g)  Spreading false information or incitement
 h)  Excessively sexual
 i)  Impersonation or deception
 j)  Suicide incitement
 k)  Fraud, religious or pyramid scheme solicitation
 l)  Any other acts that are offensive to the law and public order and morals

Article 6 (Provision of Services)
6-1 The services provided by the Site are as follows.
 a)  Posting of Notes
 b)  Viewing of Notes
 c)  Searching for Notes
6-2 In order to realize the services described in the preceding paragraph, the user shall prepare the necessary equipment and communication environment by himself/herself.

Article 7 (Temporary Suspension of Service)
7-1 Services provided by the Site may be suspended without notice to the user in the following cases.
 a)  In the event of earthquake, fire, flood, or other disaster to the WebMaster or server management company
 b)  Server or communication network failure or power outage
 c)   Maintenance requiring site shutdown

Article 8 (Rights to the Notes)
8-1 The copyright of the Notes belongs to the user who posted it.
8-2 The Site and the WebMaster may display the user's journal only on the Site or reflect it in search results, and do not own or claim any other rights, including public transmission rights and publication rights.
8-3 The user who posted the Notes may download the Notes by right-clicking on it and re-upload it to other web services or sites (twitter, pixiv, personal blog, etc.).
8-4 When a Notes image is downloaded to the local environment as described in the previous section, the background and light blue border will disappear, and only the line drawing with transparent background will be displayed.
8-5 Falsifying another person's Notes as one's own contribution is in violation of the Prohibitions.

Article 9 (Disclaimer)
9-1 Except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of this site or the WebMaster, this site shall be exempt from any and all responsibility for any damages arising from the use of this site by the user.

Article 10 (Advertisements)
10-1 The Site will not place any major online advertisements (e.g. Google AdSense) or affiliates (e.g. Amazon Associates).
10-2 We do not collect users' personal information, and we do not provide user information to third parties or advertising agencies.
10-3 The use of this site does not result in any advertising or direct mailings to the user's e-mail account.
10-4 In the beta version of this site, a dummy one-line text advertisement is displayed in a blue strip at the bottom of each Notes to test whether there is any inconvenience in using and viewing the site.
10-5 If, as a result of the preceding paragraph, it is confirmed that the visibility is poor or the advertising effect is extremely weak, the one-line text advertisement will not be adopted.

Article 11 (Operation)
11-1 This site was created and is operated by BOCSTE,Ltd.

Article 12 (Contact)
12-1 Communication from the WebMaster to the user will be made on the TOP page of the site.
12-2 Users may contact the WebMaster either by sending a "Report of Inappropriate Posting" form at the bottom of the posting page of the Site or the Notes on each search page, or by sending an "Inquiry" form at the top of the Site.
12-3 The WebMaster of this site will contact the user's e-mail address only when the user enters his/her own e-mail address in the "Contact" e-mail form described in the preceding paragraph and when a reply is required.
12-4 The e-mail address obtained will not be used for any purpose other than replying to the relevant inquiry.

Article 13 (Lack of exchange and evaluation functions)
13-1 The Site does not have the following interaction and evaluation functions found in existing anonymous bulletin boards and social networks.
 a)  Visualization and quantification of user following and user relationships
 b)  Posting and replying to specific users, such as responses, replies, direct mail (DM), etc.
 c)  Likes! good, LIKE, review, ★★★★☆, etc., for each article
 d)  Comment trees, topics, and boards per topic
 e)  Limited scope publication, key accounts
 f)  Age verification and zoning/filters
 g)  User and Notes favorites
 h)  User icons and profiles
13-2 Due to the nature of the previous section, all individual Notes are considered independent. Please post your Notes without regard to previous or subsequent posts or storylines.
13-3 Since limited publication and zoning is not possible, please keep your Notes to content that you would be comfortable sharing with the world. We are currently considering the implementation of a function that allows a cushion before the Notes is displayed.
13-4 It is acceptable to develop and distribute dedicated browsers, plug-ins, etc. with the above functions.

Article 14 (Deletion of a Notes)
14-1 A random submission identification ID and deletion password will be issued at the time of submission. In order to delete a Notes, the deletion password set with the submission identification ID is required.
14-2 Although limited to Windows users, if the "Save ID/Deletion Passwords" checkbox is checked and the "Upload" button is pressed to post, a notepad.txt file containing the ID and deletion password will be downloaded to the user's PC. The file name starts with "LETTER".
14-3 Users using an OS other than Windows must uncheck the "Save ID/Delete Path" checkbox or the submission will fail.
14-4 Users using an OS other than Windows, and users who do not wish to download Notepad, please copy-paste the file into your text editor or write it down on a notebook or other paper before submission.
14-5 Do not include the following characters in the delete password This is because they are confusing with other letters and numbers.
Upper case alphabet: I K O P S U V W X Y Z
Lower case alphabet:: l
14-6 All numbers from 0 to 9 are used for delete passwords.
14-7 All images and information (posting date and time, serial numbers, etc.) of Notes deleted by the user will also be deleted from the server.
14-8 Notes that have been reported as improperly posted, and other Notes that are deemed criminal in nature, will be moved to a dedicated area on the database without being deleted, as they may be the subject of later investigations and lawsuits.  

Article 15 (Termination of Open Beta Test)
15-1 15-1 This site ended its open beta test on January 31, 2024. The official operation start date will be February 1, 2024, when the domain has been transferred to its own domain and has become a corporate operation.

Last updated: February 1, 2024
Due to the change from individual management to corporate management, we have made changes to our terms and conditions.

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